BIPICO, an ISO 9001:2015 company is established in November – 1974 and is proud of its more than four decades journey as a Hacksaw Blade manufacturing company, BIPICO has grown into a major cutting tools manufacturer and exporter with a strong brand image in India and in International markets.

Milestone in a nutshell :

  • Bipico is first company to introduce concept of Do it Yourself Tool by introducing GP Saw blade
  • Introduce first time in India Bimetal technology
    (i)High speed flexible hand blade
    (ii)High speed Bimetal Hand Blade and Power Hacksaw Blade
    (iii)Import substitute product Bimetal Bandsaw blade in M42 & M51 grade


  • Bipico has started importing Bimetal Bandsaw finished loop from their collaborators Spear & Jackson in the brand name of Eclipse in early 90s.
  • After few years Bipico has put up welding plant and started importing Bimetal Bandsaw finished coil from Europe and USA and started marketing Bimetal Bandsaw blades in Bipico brand.
  • After getting an experience of this product and understand the market requirement Bipico has decided to start manufacturing complete Bimetal Bandsaw in house.
  •  Bipico has started manufacturing Bimetal Bandsaw blade since 2001-02.
  •  Year after year Bipico has expand their production capacity and today Bipico is having 4 lines of milling and every year we have introduced different profile as per the customer cutting application.
  •  Bipico has also set up welding station at Gurgaon to provide service to customers who not only generate new enquiry but also provide after sales service to Customers & Distributors. We have strong qualified technical sales team of 35 sales engineers. Bipico is having more than 200 distributors to keep the stock and sell this product to their Sub Dealers and industries directly.
  •  Bipico is also having direct sales to large private users and as well as all the Government Undertakings.

Our journey towards excellence