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Saw Band Geometry
technical-info band width tecnical
band thickness
tooth height
tooth pitch
rake angle
relief angle
set width

variable toothing

constant toothing


Tooth pitch, which for metal-cutting saws is usually measured in teeth per inch, varies according to the cross section and the type of material to be cut.

technical info1

N-tooth (standard)
The normal tooth is best suited for sawing of small-chip materials with high carbon content, such as tool steel or cast iron. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including thin cross-cuts and materials with thin-walled cross sections.


The hook tooth with a positive rake angle can be used for all kinds of steel especially for long-chip and hard-to-cut materials, for example construction steel and hardened steel, as well as high alloy materials


Tooth Set

“Tooth set” means the alternating lateral bending of saw teeth. It enables the saw band to cut freely.


Raker Settechnical4

The raker set (left-right-straight) is useful for all types of steel, especially for cutting thicknesses of 5mm and more.

Variable Settechnical_img5

In a variable set there is one unset tooth per toothing interval. The rest of the teeth are bent alternately left/right. This set facilitates low-vibration and low-noise cutting.


Wave Settechnical5

The wave set is well suited for thin materials up to 5mm, such as sheet metal, thin-walled tubing and cross sections.

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